Generational Wealth Creation Strategy Seminar

Generational Wealth Creation Strategy Seminar

This is our proposal for you and your family’s protection.

An initiative by

This is our proposal for you and your family’s protection.

An initiative by

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In this Live Webinar, you’ll learn:

Generational Wealth Creation is a method of increasing our financial wellness so that we can ensure the financial wellness of our children and grandchildren.
(Wealth that is passed down from one generation to another)

Creating Generational Wealth is a goal that many people aspire to have but don’t know where to start.

The Generational Wealth Creation Strategy Live Webinar is designed to empower the Black community to build and create Generational Wealth. In this Live Webinar, Okolo will show participants strategies for families to build and preserve wealth that they will be able to pass down for generations to come.

Proverbs 13:22 - A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children.

About Instructor:

  • Okolo is a Holistic Wealth Coach with over fifteen years of experience. He specializes in helping families and business owners with income protection, tax-free retirement planning, living benefits and generational wealth protection and creation.

He is also an expert in the more “esoteric” sides of life insurance like Be Your Own Banker.

A must-attend Webinar for each and every individual from the Black community.

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Need More Information Before Making Your Decision?

Let's Break Down Everything You'll Learn When You'll Attend
"The Profit Formula" Workshop.

DIY Profit Formula Tool

This Is Worth Rs. 3001

Inside “The Profit Formula Tool”, I’ll share with you 357 DIFFERENT STRATEGIES you can use to make your business achieve new heights..

Think about it this way…

Just ONE or TWO of these strategies alone can boost the performance of your business…

But you can’t just pick any of them, you need to have a WINNING formula that has been battle-tested by some of the TOP businesses, and has the power to drive MASSIVE RESULTS, and make your business scale new heights!

You could get the best FORMULA that has power to change YOUR BUSINESS

…but if it is not EXECUTED or supported by right STRATEGY, it doesn’t matter.

That’s where the POWER of a GREAT STRATEGY comes in!

By the time the training is over, you’ll know how to:
Find the best Formula for your business
Select the right Strategies applicable to your business
Apply The Strategies Confidently to make the change in your business

Strategies for Profit Formulas

This Is Worth Rs. 250

Increase Leads and Conversions

This Is Worth Rs. 750

There are countless products & services, platforms and ads that are all tugging at your prospect’s attention
There is SO much ‘noise’ out there in the market today!
There’s countless products, and services, and platforms and ads and they’re ALL tugging at your audience’s attention…
So you have to be LOUDER than all of that other ‘noise’…
You have to stand out amongst your competition, who are also fighting to be seen…
I’ll share with you some of the MOST successful, time tested, and creative ways to STEAL your audience’s attention, and get them to take action on your product or service!
The #1 reason for a business to exist is NOT TO DO SALES, but to provide value.
If you are able to provide value to your customer  then sales would happen.
This training would help to establish processes in your organization where Value Driven Sales becomes inherent part of your organization.
So you can “SELL MORE” than what you are selling today…

How To Sell More Often

This Is Worth Rs. 500

How To Increase Margins

This Is Worth Rs. 500

For Any Busines to be profitable, its not only important know methods to increase sales but also to understand & implement steps to increase margin
If you are able to increase your margins, you will be able to improve your cash flow


27 Ways To Stop Profit Leaks

In these uncertain times, a rupee SAVED is two rupees EARNED.

Due to lack of proper systems & checks in business, we lose our hard-earned profit UNKNOWINGLY. It is like water leaking from a pipe that makes the overhead tank empty in no time.

Here I have compiled a CHECKLIST which has 27 ways to help you stop the PROFIT leaks in your business.

Apply the checklist in your business and see your PROFIT grow.

This BONUS is Worth Rs. 501 especially for all #ActionTakers

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