Do you want to protect your family and create generational wealth?

The proper type of Life Insurance can protect your family and create generational wealth.  It also has living benefits that payout not only when you pass away, but if you are critically, chronically or terminally ill, making you the beneficiary of your own policy.

Life insurance is also one of the best ways to preserve and create generational wealth.

Your Stability is based on your Ability

50% of Americans believe life insurance costs three times or more than it actually does.

45% of Americans mistakenly believe disability coverage is only available through an employer.

We help you protect the people who are most important to you.

You need properly designed life insurance if you would like to:

You need life insurance if:

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Okolo is a Holistic Wealth Coach who has been practicing for over 15 years and has a firm with over 20 agents nationwide, with a goal of helping 100K Blacks get to $100K Income.

He specializes in helping families and business owners with income protection, tax free retirement planning and generational wealth protection and creation.